Start Here

First of all, if you have an upcoming exam, then my free course isn’t probably the best place to start.

The best place to start is in my free guide, 9 Steps to Effective Cramming with Anki — which you can read here.

That 9-step guide will take you from “not knowing anything about your course” to scoring well on your next exam.

So, before you go anywhere near the free Anki course that I offer, make sure you read the guide first.

Take the Anki Fundamentals Free Course

If you don’t know how to really use Anki very well yet, then you can start Lesson 1 here. That link will take you to my free course, Anki Fundamentals — don’t worry, there’s no signup required for that. It’s a course for everyone.

These are all I can give you for now, but there are more free courses coming soon!

(Optional) Check out the Resource Page and the Blog

If you haven’t already, you can check out some of the useful links I’ve put together for you in my resource page.

Sometimes, I’ll post some of my insights about learning better on the blog — this isn’t just about Anki, you know. In fact, that’s what I talk about in the email course I told you about.