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Welcome to!

If you’re an Anki learner (or if you want to become one) who believes in solving your study problems at their roots rather than at the surface, i.e. using “study tips and hacks,” then this site will feel like home.

From here on out, I won’t just give you mere information. Instead, I will give you knowledge; coherent content you can use to think for yourself.

Head over to the Start Here page if you want to see for yourself.

Why am I doing this, though?

That’s because my goal right now is to help 1000 college students and beyond become better Anki learners (that includes eliminating procrastination, too) using a principles-based, rather than “tips-based,” approach to Anki.

In case you’re wondering what the difference between principles/systems and tips, think of it this way:

Tips and hacks are the chips of the knowledge economy.

They’re addicting.

Consume one tip, and you’ll consume another.

They satisfy cravings.

You can even think of eating these chips all day.

But that wouldn’t be a balanced diet at all, would it?

You still need your vegetables — the principles and systems.

They’re sometimes hard to eat, and doesn’t really taste that good. In the long run, though, what you’ll end up with is a well-functioning body — one that doesn’t have addictions, one that’s truly fit and healthy.

That’s only possible when you’re not filling your brain with inflammatory substances like “Top 101 Hacks To Unlock Your Brain.”

So, if principles and systems are your cup of tea, then I think you’ll like my content.

About the Author

Hi, my name’s Al Khan, nice to meet you! I created this site on a mission to help 1000 college students and lifelong learners use Anki to learn better without resorting to fluff.

When I say “fluff”, I’m talking about the tips and hacks that (well-meaning) content creators tell you.

Sure, they give quick relief — but they don’t solve your deepest needs.

Back then, I blogged over at a website called Improveism, but I noticed I was spreading myself out too thin for a year. So, I decided to serve Anki learners like you instead of everyone.

One thing might weird you out, though…I don’t actively use any social media accounts.

I think they just give me FOMO — no good, right?

So, if you wish to connect with me, just send me an email and let’s have a quick chat right there.


— Al Khan