Hi there, nice to meet you!

I’m Al Khan, and if you’re a serious learner who believes that systems (rather than mere hacks) are the way to go, you’ve come to the right place.

They look serious

Later, I’m going to show you my best free content (that’s not available anywhere else on the internet) that will help you:

  • Know exactly what to do during your study time, know exactly where to start, and eliminate overwhelm (i.e. Zeigarnik Effect)
  • Understand even new materials at a deeper level
  • Never have to go back to the stuff you’ve already studied
  • Have a game plan for getting the highest scores on your exams — even if you think you have poor memory
  • Enjoy more well-deserved free time for gaming, hanging out, working out, or basically doing the things you love

But first…what’s this site all about?

We’re sick and tired of “THIS study hack and tool will make you LEARN 10X FASTER”

Tell me if this is familiar…

  • You got tired of studying too hard, spending all of your time indoors studying (or trying to), sacrificing your hobbies and social life
  • You figured out that there are effective learning hacks online that should help you study more effectively with less effort
  • After watching hack after hack, tool after tool, and these Ivy League YouTubers with their color-coded idea graveyards…you wonder how to actually do that
  • In short: You know that “THIS” is an effective study/productivity hack, but you’re left with NO GAMEPLAN

Well, if I just described your life, then know that you’re not alone, my friend.

I’ve been there and I know how it freaking feels to be drinking from a firehose of information.

What makes things worse is that most study influencers only give you a bunch of tools and “BEST hacks” — while showing you their notebooks that look like art projects — and then leave you hanging with absolutely no guidance whatsoever.

The problem is that, with this “hack mentality”, they’re just solving the symptoms of your study problems (i.e. procrastination, poor retention)…

…but they solve absolutely NOTHING of your real problems. (i.e. lack of perceived ability, task ambiguity, Zeigarnik Effect, poor elaborative encoding strategy, etc.)

Which requires a coherent system, not a random combination of hacks.

That’s no different to throwing s—spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. (You thought I was gonna say “shit” didn’t ya)

We believe in the power of systems, not individual hacks

As you’ll discover…

Strong retention, deeper understanding, and unbreakable study habits are merely the byproducts of a coherent process.

Specifically, a process built on how memory acquires, encodes, and maintains information.

Basically, working with these systems

They’re NOT a result of “being such a great person who can do all of that stuff on YouTube.”

And certainly NOT being “born smart” or rich or whatever.

No, no, no, no.

A coherent process is what helped me go from a failing student who:

  • Can’t even start studying and HATES studying more than anything else
  • Takes notes on the entire page without learning anything (really)
  • Goes out of the lecture room remembering literally nothing — as though the lecture didn’t even happen
  • Blanks out during exams especially when asked a question from another angle
  • FAILED 4 subjects, and is barely passing the others
  • Spent a little more than 6 years in Engineering, when it’s supposed to be only 5 years

…to someone who has learned to LOVE studying again:

  • Got passing grades before the finals even started
  • Ranked at the top 1 in the mock board exams for my degree
  • Ranked at the top 6 in the national board exams (with a 50%+ passing rate)
  • Is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in one of the top Engineering Universities in the country

It’s POSSIBLE to get out of the vicious cycle of procrastination, getting behind, forgetting, and overwhelm.

You CAN become a “top learner.”

And I’ve helped people around the world do so — especially hundreds of students who joined the study system course I made back in 2020.

BUT just to be clear, the path is not through the usual type of “advice” you commonly see on YouTube — I teach evergreen principles and systems that will help you make progress day in, day out.

Your grades doesn’t have to be left to chance, you know.

So if you want to take the leap with me, I can share with you my exclusive content.

A word of warning: It’s NOT for just everybody.

Specifically, if you’re just looking for the next shiny hack or tool that will solve your study problems without effort, then it’s NOT for you.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to learn how your memory works, have a gameplan for working with your memory in the most efficient way possible, I invite you to join my newsletter below.

To your academic success,