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But, since I am busy developing content (for the course and for the blog), I am deliberately choosing messages to respond to. Notably, I do not answer questions that could easily be found in my posts, such as “how do you make a flashcard” or “what settings do I use?”

Therefore, I recommend you check out the posts on the blog before asking any study-related questions.

Also, because the reality is that smaller software features won’t make you remember better1, I’d recommend you check out the Anki manual at their website if you want answers to software-related questions.

I am here to help people learn better, rather than teach them how to use software. (See: Manifesto)

But if you just wish to say hi, then why not? 🙂


    1. There are the basics and there are the minutiae — focusing on minutiae such as HTML formatting of your cards won’t matter much in the long run in most cases. See: Using Anki Efficiently